On June 17th 1972, a large fire occurred at the former Vendome Hotel building in Boston, Massachusetts. The blaze took about three hours to extinguish. The normal clean-up operation began, and without warning, the southeast section of the building collapsed. Nine Boston fire fighters were killed, with eight injured. Eight women were widowed, and twenty-five children lost their fathers as a result of the fire.

On June 17th 1997, a memorial was built across the street from the building in honor of the nine fire fighters who lost their lives that day. The memorial is a low wall constructed of black granite, and is draped with a bronze fire fighter helmet and coat. A bench rests in front of the memorial, where one can read the inscribed names of the honored fire fighters, and also view the Vendome Hotel building across the street.


  Thomas W. Beckwith
Joseph F. Boucher Thomas J. Carroll
Charles E. Dolan John E. Hanbury
John E. Jameson Richard B. Magee
Paul J. Murphy Joseph P. Saniuk